Re-Opening Edymade

I first opened the edymade Etsy Shop in 2009 to feature my fine art, prints, and sewn creations. In the past decade since edymade's original opening, I have been on a creative path that involves aspects of meditation and awareness.

The re-opening of edymade begins with a listing for the print, Transmutation Circle. Re-opening the Etsy store is a big step for me. It reflects the actualization of the intentions I proclaimed when applying for Brentwood School’s Pratt Intellectual Development Fund, particularly, that “my gains in self-confidence will enhance my leadership skills, enabling me to easily share how the combination of action and intellect produces meaningful work.”  I am proud of the work and my commitment to developing it. I am even more proud that I have persevered through my self-doubt in order to offer it for sale.

I am creating art that is inspired by a number of culminating factors that have helped me develop the resilience to stay on the creative path: a daily meditation practice, yoga, an exploration of the Chakras, an attention to nature and animals, and, most recently, an integrated awareness that comes from learning Aerial Arts. After more than a year long contemplation of these combined factors , this newer awareness is manifesting in the form of mandalas. The mandalas are often tied to affirmations and intentions that enhance my spiritual journey. I am deeply grateful to the support of all the members of Elisha Clark Halpin’s Wildly Radiant for mentoring and encouraging me. In addition, I am extremely thankful to my longtime friend, Marigny Michel, who is helping me organize and categorize the listings.