Slowing, Swimming, and Seeing

My intention  this moment  is to gain clarity through process. Getting clear about what? Well, about what I’m here to be. I’m here as a vessel to carry a spirit of loving kindness. Let’s face it, it’s hard to find the spirit of loving kindness because there’s all this projection around—from everyone and everywhere, including me. That’s where the confusion and lack of clarity comes in. I carry it all around and feel it in my body (aka vessel.)  I feel it in my tight muscles and sometimes even migraines or hives on my skin. 

My intention is to sift out the icky stuff and let go of it. When I do this, I gain clarity and start to notice when I accumulate the residual sludge of projected energy that often activates shame, my old pattern of self-degradation.  

My intention is to gain clarity through process. The process has multiple components—daily meditation and energetic journaling are coming forth.  The Radiant Temple Sisterhood brought this concept to my attention during our Sister connection call recently. We acknowledged how we can “feel into” a practice like journaling rather than literally doing it. It’s with energy, sort of like channeling the act of journaling.  

I realize that this is what I do when I am swimming every morning. As my body is gliding through the pool, I am both processing information and cleansing my system. I visualize the water flushing through and washing away any ickiness. 

My recent Connection Call with my Wildly Radiant Sisters was so helpful to me. I have been thinking about the benefits ever since. The way I am understanding is that I can feel into the energy of a certain practice and it can be as beneficial as the practice itself. So for me, when I am lap swimming as part of my week day practice, I am also channeling the act of journaling. As I am gliding through the pool, I am processing information with my whole body and it feels like I am writing something true. I gain clarity from the action—I gain clarity from process.

After my swim yesterday morning, I narrated a journal entry into my recorder while driving to work. I was able to truly metabolize and transmute some of the old stories that my body has been hooked into. I’ve been suffering from trapped anger.

 I am trusting the softening in my heart and envision this medallion expanding from my Heart center two or three times a day. It is my gift to visualize and create from this place. 🙏❤️


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