Energetic Name Stitching Practice

-Step 1: Get headphones on and cue up some binaural beats.  I found mine on Insight Timer.  Binaural beats help me achieve a more mindful state while I’m working because they activate Theta brainwaves.  

-Step 2:  practice writing your name in a script that is led by your intuition. You can do what feels right, slowly and with acceptance.  If you feel any tension creep in or any inner critic voices, take a deep, nourishing breath, relax the jaw, and write an affirmation like, “I trust my intuition to guide me at all times.”  You will know you’ve tapped into your intuition when your hand feels led or pulled along rather than forced by the mental body.   

-Step 3:  choose one or two of your hand written names that and trace over them with a dotted line.  Imagine you are sewing your name as you write it, going over your lines with stitch-like shapes.  I use rounded rectangles that travel over the line and make it become a dotted line.   It helps to have some embroidery experience to imagine this, but it’s not imperative.  

Things to remind yourself and/or notice while practicing this technique:

-slow down, breathe—In my experience of embroidering letters, I know that the curves and swells of letters requires smaller stitches, so I vary the sizes of the stitch shapes as I travel along my letter shapes.  

-cultivate an awareness of how I am in the momentnotice the breath and come back to it

-The most beautiful thing about when the Theta brainwaves are activated is that I notice my softness sweetly escorts the perfectionist tendencies out of the room.  

-I develop positive mantras to rely on and build resilience in my creative lifestyle.  This one is a winner:

I am more easily in a state of openness—I am more open to being tender with myself.  

edymade backstitch.jpg
I am more easily in a state of openness—I am more open to being tender with myself.